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Skin Bright Natural Skin Lightening Cream

Hi, my name is Mary from Davenport Florida and I created this site to share with you my experience using SkinBright skin lightening cream.  I’m in my early forties and about a year ago I started to notice discoloration and dark spots showing up on my hands and face.  I have to be honest I’ve always felt self conscious about my looks and seeing these dark patches showing up on my face and hands made me feel even worse about myself.

So I  went and saw a dermatologist in hopes of finding a fast and easy way to make the dark patches on my hands and face go away.  The short story……. My dermatologist told me exposure to the sun over the years had damaged my skin and was now causing sun spots also known as age spots and melasma on my hands and face.  Worse yet he informed me that I would probably need expensive laser treatments  or chemical skin peel in order to remove the age spots  from my face and hands.  I was devastated!

So a while back I was watching my favorite doctors show and I heard the doctors talking about ages spots, skin lightening and the dangers of skin whitening.  More importantly they talked about how you should use natural skin lightening creams to remove skin discolorations and age spots.  They then mentioned a product called SkinBright as being  safe because it contained no dangerous chemicals and was made of all natural ingredients.

Now I’m usually very skeptical, but the doctors explanation of the ingredients and how they worked to naturally lighten skin seemed to make sense, so I checked out the website and after reading through the website and seeing the 100% satisfaction guarantee even if I returned the bottle empty I figured why not give it a try. I ordered three bottles and got one free.  Premium Naturals then sent me the skin lightening cream priority shipping at no extra charge.  I thought to myself nice bonus!

After a few days of using the product and not seeing any significant changes I thought to myself  ” What a sucker”! Of course that was until I read the instructions which indicated I wouldn’t see real results for at least a few weeks.

So what was my opinion of  SkinBright after using the product for a couple of months?

In my opinion, this product is outstanding! I’m not sure if SkinBright is the best skin lightener money can buy or even if it works for everyone. I can tell you that after adding Skin Bright to my morning routine the ages spots and skin discoloration on my face and hands have faded  drastically and  the overall appearance of my skin has improved dramatically.

Wherever I applied the skin lightening cream my skin appeared brighter, vibrant and glowing. In just a few months since using this product making  NO other changes to my skin care treatment my age spots have all but disappeared. My only complaint is when I use this product and go out into the sun I have to wear a sunscreen. From what I  have read this product not only works on age spots. It also works for hyperpigmentation, scars, acne, melsama, liver spots as well as freckles. << Learn More Click Here >>

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