Suffer From Melasma Treatment To Make Your Skin Bright Again

Melasma is the result of an increase in pigmentation in various areas of the body, occurring mostly on the face, the back of the hands, forearms and shoulders. More women than men suffer from melasma and it is most prevalent in  Native Americans and Germans and people of  Russian descent. These dark, irregular patches appear on the upper cheeks, nose, lips as well as the forehead of many people after they hit that 40. Normal pigmentation of the skin develops in response to exposure to UV radiation or sunlight. When abnormal and irregular patches develop on the skin, they are called melasma.

Melasma literally means dark skin (in Greek), and it is best known as the “mask of pregnancy” for it is more frequent among pregnant women, you don”t have to be pregnant (or even a woman!) to develop melasma. And if you think you”re silently suffering alone, think again. Melasma generally appears during Summer as a result of a higher sun exposure. It also can get greater if, during sun exposure, we use scented toiletries, deodorant soaps, or cosmetics. This is called a phototoxic reaction and is due to ultraviolet radiation being absorbed by the chemical substance (perfume, cologne and other types of fragrance) on the skin. This pigmentation often extends down to the sun-exposed areas of the neck.

Sometimes the use of a skin lightener can help melasma. The skin lighteners worth considering typically should contain all natural ingredients such as Apha-Arbutin and Kojic acid. Skin lighteners  should not be used if they contain mercury or any other dangerous chemicals. Laser treatment is also not usually advisable for melasma. Covering yourself with effective SPF factors found in sunscreens can help halt the rays from infiltrating the skin. All effective melasma treatments such as skin lighteners use sunscreens since even after the spots are erased, sufferers need to apply protection in order to prevent re-occurrence.

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