Freckle Lightening Treatments That Are Inexpensive And Work

freckle lightening treatment

Freckle Lightening Treatments

Looking for an effective freckle lightening treatment for your body that’s easy and inexpensive? Freckles are small spots of melanin on your skin that develop randomly especially after repeated exposure to sunlight.

Freckles are common in children, but often can show up also when puberty causes the body to produce more melanin. than usual. Another reason for getting freckles is hormonal imbalance in your body which can easily be corrected by a visit to your doctor. The most common location on the body for freckles to form is the nose and cheeks.

The best freckle lightening treatment or to prevent freckles totally is to limit your sun exposure time.  Of course it’s virtually impossible to totally prevent sun exposure so below are some effective freckle lightening treatments.

Bleaching agents and creams are the most common treatment used for freckle lightening. However, bleaching agents are very harsh and may burn the skin around the freckles damaging skin and even causing scars.

Regular use of fruit and vegetable masks are also a effective and proven freckle lightening treatment.  The other benefit to using fruit masks is they are very healthy for your skin and can help make  your skin feel soft and fresh.

Retinol is also a effective freckle lightening treatment.  Therisk however is that the skin around the freckles may lighten, thus giving emphasis on the brown spots.

Laser treatment such as resurfacing may also be used to lighten the discoloration or perhaps a chemical peel could be used to reduce or remove freckles but recovery time may be significant.

There are also a number of skin ointments and lotions which reduce or remove freckles. These ointments are available in over-the-counter and prescription medications. This gentle but powerful skin lightening agent are formulated to balance uneven skin tones and brighten the skin.  Most of these products can be gotten at a local pharmacy, from a dermatologist or skin specialist or ordered online.
Lemon juice or sour cream is also a proven way to lighten your freckles. Apply the lemon juice or sour cream directly to the freckle by dabbing with your finger to the area your trying to fade. Do it a couple of times a day and after a couple of weeks, you’ll see some good results your freckles slowly fade out.

Bottom line when trying to lighten or remove freckles you should be very careful about the products you use as they can damage your skin or your personal health permanently. Try to avoid harsh or dangerous products and stick with natural remedies or products to protect yourself. For more information on a natural skin lightener go to Skin Bright Online.



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