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how to remove freckles

Get Rid Of Freckles!

There are many different methods for removing freckles from your skin. Some of the modern invasive methods include laser freckle removal, cryogenic freezing, chemical skin peels and over the counter bleaching creams.

Below we will discuss the different methods of how to remove freckles and the good and bad of using each of those methods to permanently remove freckles from your face and body.


Laser Resurfacing For Getting Rid Of Freckles

This procedure is usually performed by a dermatologist under a local anesthesia. The dermatologist numbs the area surrounding your freckles with a local anesthetic and then removes layers of your skin with a laser. Depending how deep the melanin penetrates your skin will determine how many layers will need to be removed. In most cases it will only involve removing your top layer of skin. Afterward the treated skin will need 1-2 weeks to heal after laser resurfacing. The pros of this method of freckle removal is it is fast and usually lasts forever with minimal exposure to the sun and proper use of sun screens. The con to this method is its very expensive and requires time to heal.


Chemical Peels For Getting Rid Of Freckles

Also available through a dermatologist, a chemical peel is intense exfoliation of your face using a harsh chemical in order to peel away several layers of skin at a time. A single chemical peel will help to reduce the appearance and visibility of your freckles quickly. Several chemical peels will remove your freckles completely. In most cases when you use a chemical peel your skin should heal after a day two. Pro’s include fast removal and total removal of freckles Cons include a higher cost then other methods, and sensitive skin can take longer to heal.


Cryotherapy For Getting Rid Of Freckles

Cryotherapy is also known as liquid nitrogen treatment or freezing the freckles involves the use of liquid nitrogen to remove patches of melanin. When the liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the area that contains the freckles, the liquid nitrogen forms a blister on the area and effectively lifts the freckle out of the skin causing it to fall off. Cryotherapy to remove freckles can be painful and should not be used on the same area skin more than once a week.


Retinoids For Getting Rid Of Freckles.

Retinoids are natural chemical compounds that are related to the Vitamin A family and used in the treatment of many dermatological conditions including the removal of freckles. Retin usually comes in a cream or gel and can be applied in small amounts to the area that contains the melanin. The skin will dry out and peel in layers. The pro to this treatment is its significantly less expensive then previous methods discussed. The con is side effects can include dry skin and increased risk of sunburn.


It is much easier to prevent freckles then to try and treat them after they appear. Try avoid laying out in the sun trying to get a tan. When going out into the sun wear a strong sunscreen and to reapply it as often as every half hour to every hour. When in the sun try to wear some type of hat prefably a wide brimmed sun hat. Hats provide a good barrier from the damaging UV rays which will prevent any further freckling. Click Here>>>>>>>>>>Easily Get Rid Of Freckles


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